Easiest Recipe: Yummy Okonomiyaki-style Chinese Cabbage Omelette

Okonomiyaki-style Chinese Cabbage Omelette. Great recipe for Okonomiyaki-style Chinese Cabbage Omelette. I wanted to use up a bit of the huge shipment of Chinese cabbage that I was gifted. At first I was using it in stew, then I made mapo-style Chinese cabbage, and then I decided on something similar to okonomiyaki!

The first time I ever tasted Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancakes) was when I was a teenager. A new Japanese supermarket chain opened in the city. A delicious, quick and easy to make cabbage stew with turmeric and lots of other spices, a perfect vegan/vegetarian meal or a wonderful side dish for many other dishes. This Perfect Okonomiyaki-style Chinese Cabbage Omelette using 5 simple ingredients and 11 simple steps. Learn how to achieve yummy food.

Ingredients of Okonomiyaki-style Chinese Cabbage Omelette

  1. Prepare 1 of Egg.
  2. You need 1 of leaf Chinese cabbage (medium).
  3. It’s 2 of Wiener sausages.
  4. It’s 1 of Mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce.
  5. It’s 1 of optional ★ Bonito flakes and red pickled ginger.

To make the okonomiyaki batter, combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Combine the cabbage, tempura batter bits and pickled ginger, and divide equally. Add cabbage to skillet and saute, stirring constantly until cooked and takes on a translucent appearance. Onions should be starting to brown when cabbage is cooked.

Okonomiyaki-style Chinese Cabbage Omelette instructions

  1. This omelette is delicious even without bonito flakes. If you stir-fry the cabbage before cooking, it'll wilt and soften. This means that the okonomiyaki will lose its crunch..
  2. Chop the Chinese cabbage up into 1 cm pieces and slice the sausage into whatever size you prefer..
  3. Combine the sausage and cabbage with the beaten egg. If the pieces of cabbage are too big, the mixture will be difficult to mix..
  4. Cook the omelette in a frying pan that has been greased with a thin layer of oil. Allow the omelette to cook slowly without interfering..
  5. Once one side is cooked, flip the omelette over. You can cover the pan with a lid if you like, but the omelette will turn out just fine without it..
  6. Slide the omelette onto a plate and pour over some mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce to serve..
  7. If you have them, decorate the omelette with bonito flakes and red pickled ginger. It'll make the omelette look even more similar to okonomiyaki..
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Pour beaten eggs over cabbage/onion mixture and mix into vegetables, cook until eggs are cooked. Finely shredded cabbage;finely sliced onions; thin strips of carrot. Beat two eggs with a crushed chicken cube and a dash of soy sauce. In a small pot combine one cup of water, a chicken cube, dash soy sauce, a heaped teaspoon cornflour, salt and pepper, and bring to the boil while stirring. Pour the eggs over the vegetable mixture, then tilt the pan to make sure the eggs go all the way around the vegetables.