Easy Recipe: Yummy Mike's Vegetarian Thai Lettuce Wraps

Mike's Vegetarian Thai Lettuce Wraps. This vegan Thai lettuce wrap recipe is easy and delicious, and as fun to make as it is to eat! Lettuce wraps are also a fun dish to eat as a party food, either as an appetizer or the main course. Serve the filling on a platter with whole lettuce leaves on the side, and let your friends and family.

Mike's Vegetarian Thai Lettuce Wraps Chang's and their vegetarian lettuce wraps – sweet hoisin sauce, wok-seared veggies, and sliced water chestnuts finished off with a. Ground tempeh replaces ground chicken in this make-at-the-table recipe adapted from "The Family Dinner." Serve with lime wedges and sriracha chile sauce. These plant-based thai lettuce wraps are the tastiest ones I've ever made. You can cook Mike's Vegetarian Thai Lettuce Wraps using 35 easy ingredients and 5 easy steps. Here is how you achieve yummy food.

Ingredients of Mike's Vegetarian Thai Lettuce Wraps

  1. It’s of ● For The Vegetables & Herbs [all rinsed dried & fully chilled].
  2. Prepare of ● Authors Note: All Ingredients Are As Needed Or To Taste.
  3. It’s Leaves of Fresh Thai Basil.
  4. Prepare of Chopped Red Thai Chilies.
  5. Prepare Leaves of Fresh Cilantro.
  6. It’s of Thin Sliced Diakon Radishes.
  7. You need of Thin Sliced Asian Pear.
  8. You need of Fresh Water Spinach [pickled & divided].
  9. It’s Leaves of Fresh Mint.
  10. Prepare of Fine Minced Lemongrass.
  11. You need of Fresh Crispy Bean Sprouts.
  12. You need of Thin Sliced Bok Choy.
  13. You need of Thin Sliced Fresh Ginger.
  14. You need of Thin Sliced Fresh Shitake Mushroom Tops.
  15. You need of Chopped Bamboo Shoots.
  16. You need of Thin Sliced Water Chestnuts.
  17. It’s of Thin Sliced Jalapenos.
  18. You need of Thin Sliced Carrots.
  19. Prepare of Thin Sliced Vidalia Onions.
  20. It’s of Thin Sliced Red Onions.
  21. It’s of Chopped Green Onions.
  22. It’s of Thin Sliced Asian Cucumbers.
  23. Prepare Leaves of Fresh LG Lettuce.
  24. It’s of ● For The Sauces/Options.
  25. Prepare of Thai Nam Prik Sauce [see my recipe – preferred].
  26. It’s of Quality Fish Sauce.
  27. Prepare of Quality Soy Sauce.
  28. Prepare of Hot Thai Mustard.
  29. You need of Hoisin Sauce.
  30. It’s of Oyster Sauce.
  31. You need of Plumb Sauce.
  32. It’s of Sriracha Sauce.
  33. Prepare of Sriracha Garlic Sauce.
  34. You need of Sweet Asian Chile Sauce.
  35. Prepare of Toasted Sesame Seeds.

They use all fresh ingredients and asian flavors to give you an authentic taste. Oh, Thai Lettuce Wraps, one of the meals I missed the most when I became a vegetarian. My fav were from a Chinese restaurant chain. Vegan Lettuce Wraps are a healthy additional to your meal plan.

Mike's Vegetarian Thai Lettuce Wraps step by step

  1. Chop up all of your fresh chilled veggies and herbs..
  2. Pile vegetables on your fresh chilled crispy lettuce leaves..
  3. Definitely serve with Thai Nam Prik Sauce. See my recipe. This sauce is as common on Thai tables as ketchup is here on ours in the US..
  4. But, add whatever sauces you'd like..
  5. Enjoy!.

And tofu lettuce wraps recipes are loaded with plant-based protein, veggies, and more. I've been a fan of easy lettuce wraps before I could even eat them. It seemed like our local restaurants only served them with chicken and so I had. Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps with Jerk Grilled TofuFood Faith Fitness. Delicious and easy to make — whether you're a meat lover or a vegetarian!