Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Fresh Chili Sauce (Sambal Mentah) *Vegan

Fresh Chili Sauce (Sambal Mentah) *Vegan. Makes great for mixing with other sauces to add some heat and flavor, perfect for that pot of chili. If you want HOT CHILI Peppers that keeps for a while I love the taste of Sambal Oelek – I never knew that Sambal was sort of a generic chili paste, and Oelek is a specific style. In any case, I eat this stuff.

Some sambal is raw (sambal mentah), meaning, no cooking is involved. Adam and Jake try this chili paste from the makers of "Rooster Sauce". Purchase Sambal Oelek Ground Fresh Chili Paste. You can cook Fresh Chili Sauce (Sambal Mentah) *Vegan using 6 easy ingredients and 5 easy steps. This is guide how achieve this tasty food.

Ingredients of Fresh Chili Sauce (Sambal Mentah) *Vegan

  1. It’s 5 of spicy chilies (you can put more or less).
  2. You need 1 of tomato.
  3. You need 1/2 of garlic clove.
  4. It’s 1/2 of kaffir lime fruit.
  5. Prepare 1/2 tsp of salt.
  6. It’s 1/4 tsp of shrimp paste (optional).

Chili paste, ground fresh, Sambal Oelek. Add ground fresh chili paste to any food to make it mouth-warmingly spicy. Use it to heat up your stir-fry dishes, pizza, eggs, pasta, or anything We like this better than the sauce that comes in the squirt bottle. This seems to have more and better flavor.

Fresh Chili Sauce (Sambal Mentah) *Vegan instructions

  1. In a mashing bowl, mash chilies and garlic..
  2. Dice tomato and mash it together with the chilies and garlic and add salt, stir it well..
  3. Squeeze kaffir lime into chili mixture, mix it well..
  4. Enjoy it with anything you like, e.g: egg, chicken, steak, hamburger, tofu, tempeh, fish, etc..
  5. You can use any type of spicy chilies like bird eye chilies, jalapenos, habaneros, etc..

Goc Viet Ground Fresh Chili Sauce has a unique hot and delicious taste. A perfect seasoning for a delicious meal. China hot chili sauce China sauce salsa China thai chili sauce. Sambal is an Indonesian chili sauce or paste typically made from a mixture of a variety of chili peppers with seconda.ry ingredients such as Sambal is an Indonesian loan-word of Javanese origin (sambel). It is native to the cuisines of Indonesia, and popular in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and.