Easy Recipe: Perfect Seafood Noodle

Seafood Noodle.

This Yummy Seafood Noodle using 6 easy ingredients and 1 easy steps. This is guide how achieve this tasty food.

Ingredients of Seafood Noodle

  1. You need 1/4 kg of squid.
  2. You need Half of kg tiger prawn.
  3. Prepare of Bellpepper.
  4. You need of Black pepper.
  5. Prepare of Japanese mushroom.
  6. You need of Garlic, shallots, ginger.

Seafood Noodle step by step

  1. Heat pan and add oil. Saute garlic, shallots, ginger then add bellpeper and mushroom. Add a little water then the noodle. When almost ready add shrimp. Simmer a little then add squid. Simmer for a while then season.