Recipe: Tasty Left Over Shrimp Sauce Jollof Rice

Left Over Shrimp Sauce Jollof Rice. West African famous meal Jollof Rice made with Shrimp is comfort food at its best! Flavorful shrimp with aromatic rice adorned with I also used only tomato sauce which means I didn't have to blend any tomatoes! It is indeed a quick and easy Jollof Rice recipe.

Jollof Rice – Easy, flavorful and perfectly cooked African classic dish Jollof rice both made completely in the Jollof rice is a legendary one-pot dish that's ubiquitous in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Togo Simply stir fry shrimp, beef or chicken and medley of vegetables, mix with the rice and serve. Jollof rice is a very common dish prepared in many African countries and each recipe differs depending on the nation. I specifically prepare the Nigerian party jollof rice which I still feel is one of the best recipes out there (not being biased, just stating facts LOL). You can have Left Over Shrimp Sauce Jollof Rice using 4 simple ingredients and 4 easy steps. This is guide how cook this tasty food.

Ingredients of Left Over Shrimp Sauce Jollof Rice

  1. It’s of left over shrimp sauce.
  2. You need 1 cup of basmati rice.
  3. You need 1 of stock cube.
  4. It’s to taste of salt.

Nigerian Jollof Rice or Jellof rice is a rich and incredibly tasty west African one-pot Meal. Nigerian Jollof Rice or Ghanaian Jollof Rice? However, if you can't find the bay leaves after the rice is done, don't be tempted to dig through it since over- stirring will cause the rice. Nigerian Jollof Rice – a spicy and vibrant one-pot tomato rice, this is probably the best-known The Nigerian jollof rice is made with parboiled rice.

Left Over Shrimp Sauce Jollof Rice step by step

  1. Bring water to boil add rice per boil allow it to cook till its halfway tender turn off heat, wash rice and drain.
  2. Heat up frying add shrimp sauce, stock cube and salt to taste stir in rice and mix together.
  3. Add a little water if necessary, taste and adjust seasoning if necessary allow to cook till its tender and water dried up.
  4. Serve with grill chicken.

Here is a SIMPLE jollof rice recipe that can be prepared on any budget; the recipe is especially dedicated to all the Remove the bay leafs and Serve jollof rice with your choice of protein. I recently fell in love with Jollof rice and eggs Heard adding shrimps to tomato sauce removes the rawness. Jollof rice and fried plantainsMatt Taylor-Gross. Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. Add the remaining onions and garlic, along with.