Quick and Easy Recipe: Yummy Grilled fish

Grilled fish. Fish is one of the healthiest and most delicious foods you can prepare for yourself. But we admit – grilling fish can be slightly tricky. Thats why were here to help.

Grilled fish It's also just the thing to make when you don't know what else to cook. However, when grilling a flaky white fish, I recommend using a fish-specific grilling piece or separating the fish from the grill on a piece of aluminum foil. Years ago I found a grilled tilapia recipe in a seafood cookbook. You can cook Grilled fish using 10 easy ingredients and 4 simple steps. This is guide how cook that.

Ingredients of Grilled fish

  1. You need 2 pcs of tilapia fish.
  2. You need of Garlic & ginger paste ½tsp each.
  3. It’s 3 pcs of Attarugu.
  4. Prepare 2 cubes of Maggi star.
  5. It’s of Mint leaves 1tbsp(dry).
  6. Prepare 2 pcs of Lemon.
  7. Prepare of Onions 1medium size.
  8. You need of Green bell 1medium size.
  9. You need of Cabbage 1cup (slice).
  10. Prepare of Irish potatoes 3large size.

The pineapple salsa with cilantro has a touch of spice and goes so well with the flaky, tender fish. —Beth Fleming, Downers Grove, Illinois Sole fillets are one of the more delicate types of fish, but if you oil your grill well or use a grilling basket you should be able to accomplish this dish without a problem. You don't even need to turn the fish. Looking for recipes for grilled fish? Taste of Home has the best grilled fish recipes from real cooks, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

Grilled fish instructions

  1. Wash and marinate ur fish wt Maggi,garlic,ginger,attarugu and half tbsp of mint leaves,close d marinate fish in to d foil paper(which u already layed ur slice lime on it) and allow to sit for 40munites to 1hr..
  2. Heat ur oven and place d fish on d oven tray and bake for 30munites.
  3. Fry your potatoes.
  4. After grilling serve d fish,cabbage and potatoes and garnish wt lime,mint leaves and green bell.

This fresh, healthy take on fried fish tacos stars grilled tilapia dressed up with crisp radishes, cucumbers, and lime juice. Outdoor grilling is a fast, easy, and flavorful way to add more fish to your diet. Plus, cleanup is easy, and since you're cooking outside, there's no fishy smell to linger in the house! In this video, you'll learn how to grill fish, including how to select the freshest fish at the market—and get the basic steps for. When it comes to meat, grilling is relatively easy.