Recipe: Tasty ☆Basic☆ Mussels, the simplest way

☆Basic☆ Mussels, the simplest way. From the many ways that a mussel can be eaten, this is the simplest and according to my opinion; the tastiest way. Just boiled mussels with a fresh lemon. Americans tend to eat their mussels one way — steamed with some wine and parsley.

It was inspired by currency issues. Stick with me on this one. While walking my dog this weekend, I saw a I'm making myself a pot of mussels — that quintessential Parisian bistro staple — American style. You can have ☆Basic☆ Mussels, the simplest way using 3 simple ingredients and 6 easy steps. Follow these simple steps to achieve this tasty food.

Ingredients of ☆Basic☆ Mussels, the simplest way

  1. It’s 1 kg of Mussels.
  2. Prepare of flat leaf parsley.
  3. Prepare of Pepper.

And hoping that at some point, my American. Steamed mussels are a delicious appetizer or main course and so quick and easy to make at home when armed with a few tips. We enjoyed steamed mussels often while traveling through Prince Edward Island, a top Canadian producer of this tasty bivalve. If you're looking for easy meal ideas or impressive appetizers and starters, clams and mussels fit the bill Here are three different ways to prepare them (steaming, oven cooked and grilling), including Since the directions below apply to both clams and mussels, I'll keep things simple and refer to them.

☆Basic☆ Mussels, the simplest way step by step

  1. Wash mussels. Anyone floating in the water, shell opened, broken should discard..
  2. Put mussels into deep pan.
  3. Pepper on top. NO water, only mussels & pepper!!.
  4. High heat for 5 min. Place a lid on(If too dry, add white wine a bit). Discard the shells not opened..
  5. Pour chopped parsley on top. Pour the juice on top..
  6. (easy to make great pasta from the mussels & it's juice. super easy, simple, the best taste).

Fresh mussels simply prepared taste faintly of the sea, with a sweet brininess and a texture almost like a mushroom—firm yet still almost delicate. They should not taste fishy or overly salty. Overcooked mussels turn rubbery, making them hard to chew and swallow. Direct Awareness of who we really are through dialogues with Madhukar. About this font family The TT Mussels font family is the successor of such popular fonts as Bender and TT Squares.