Quick and Easy Recipe: Yummy Sharon's Shrimp boil

Sharon's Shrimp boil. Check out our tasty New Orleans shrimp boil for an unmistakably flavorful seafood feast the whole family will love! Take a trip to Louisiana with this incredibly delicious shrimp boil. In this video I share a few "pro tips" about how to boil the "Perfect" shrimp so even if your doing this for the first time, you will have great results.

What Is a Shrimp Boil Fundraiser. Shrimp boil fundraisers have Southern roots, and are usually held during the summer months. All that this type of event entails is a large pot, shrimp, kielbasa. This Perfect Sharon's Shrimp boil using 11 simple ingredients and 8 easy steps. Learn how to cook apetizing meal.

Ingredients of Sharon's Shrimp boil

  1. Prepare 3 lbs of shrimp.
  2. You need 2 packs of smoked sausage.
  3. It’s 9 of corn on the cob.
  4. It’s 1 box of (bag) of Zatarain's crab boil.
  5. It’s 2 tablespoons of Zatarain's concentrated crab boil.
  6. It’s 8 of small golden potatoes cut in half.
  7. Prepare 2 of lemons cut in half.
  8. Prepare 3 of quartz of water.
  9. Prepare 2 sticks of butter.
  10. Prepare 2 tablespoons of old bay seasoning.
  11. It’s of Paprika.

This Shrimp Boil is a mouthwatering cajun meal that's grilled or baked in foil packets. It features juicy jumbo shrimp, andouille sausage, corn and potatoes with a delicious blend of cajun spices. A tasty twist on the traditional Shrimp Boil, this Low Carb Sheet Pan Cajun Shrimp Boil With Sausage & Veggies is for sure a crowd pleaser. Shrimp are found abundantly in America, off the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards in inshore waters, wherever the bottom is sandy.

Sharon's Shrimp boil instructions

  1. Add water,Zatarain's crab bag, (DO NOT OPEN THE BAG) Zatarain's concentrated crab boil, lemon, and potatoes to stock pot; let it boil until potatoes are semi tender.
  2. Add corn on the cob to pot; Let it continue to boil for 10mins.
  3. Add smoked sausage; Let it continue to boil for 10mins.
  4. Put butter in microwave safe bowl and microwave until melted; stir in old bay seasoning, sit to the side.
  5. Add shrimp to stock pot; Let boil for 5 mins; turn off burner. Let ingredients soak for 10mins..
  6. Remove all ingredients from stock pot into aluminum pan. NO JUICE. DISCARD CRAB BOIL BAG..
  7. Pour butter mixture on top; Sprinkle paprika on top.
  8. Enjoy!!.

There's nothing easier than a shrimp boil. All you have to do is load up a pot of boiling water with spices, shrimp, corn, and potatoes. Zatarain's Concentrated Shrimp & Crab Boil is a unique, spicy blend of essential oils from spices such as cayenne pepper, cloves, marjoram with bay leaves and thyme for the perfect seasoning. Boiled shrimp is the main character today. In fact this dish should be named as boiled shrimp in And there is another famous way of boiling shrimps in Guangdong Cuisine, white boiled shrimp.