Quick and Easy Recipe: Appetizing Korean chilli flakes, garlic, soy, prawn and crab linguine

Korean chilli flakes, garlic, soy, prawn and crab linguine. Juicy prawns in a sweet, spicy, garlicky sauce, this Chilli Garlic Prawns is super quick to make but packs a serious flavour punch! A quick prawn recipe loaded with BIG flavours! Grab these ingredients; soy sauce, Korean soy sauce for soup, chili paste (gochujang), chili flakes, rice wine, garlic and ginger.

Meanwhile heat a large frying pan over a medium heat. Adjust the spiciness with Korean chili flakes and/or green/red chili as suggested above according to your desire.) Many people make soy dipping sauce differently per their preference. So it would be hard for me to second guess your daughter's version. This Yummy Korean chilli flakes, garlic, soy, prawn and crab linguine using 10 simple ingredients and 11 easy steps. Follow these simple steps to achieve apetizing meal.

Ingredients of Korean chilli flakes, garlic, soy, prawn and crab linguine

  1. You need 100 g of mixed brown/white crab.
  2. It’s of Red onion sliced thinly.
  3. Prepare 2 of small cloves garlic sliced.
  4. You need of Soy sauce.
  5. You need of Korean chilli flakes.
  6. Prepare of Spring onion for decorating.
  7. It’s 150 g of raw prawns.
  8. It’s of Linguine.
  9. Prepare of Peeled fresh baby tomatoes sliced.
  10. Prepare Dash of white wine.

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Korean chilli flakes, garlic, soy, prawn and crab linguine instructions

  1. Marinade prawns for 5 mins with soy..
  2. Gather the rest of the ingredients..
  3. Cook linguine.
  4. Whilst linguine is cooking, fry prawns quickly. Remove and set aside..
  5. Add onion, garlic and a good sprinkling of Korean chilli flakes and gently cook for 1 minute..
  6. Return prawns to the pan with the brown meat and tomatoes. Warm through..
  7. Add a dash of white wine.
  8. By now the linguine should be cooked. Add spring onions to the onions and tomatoes. Add linguine to the mixture..
  9. Use a little of the pasta water to create a little sauce. Fold over gently a few times..
  10. Season with a little more soy if needed..
  11. Ensure pasta is piping hot. Serve with white crab on top..

Neil Perry's Korean-style fried king prawnsGoodFood. A quick and easy Simple King Prawn, Garlic & Chilli Linguine recipe, from our authentic Italian cuisine collection. Find brilliant recipe ideas and cooking tips at Gousto. Garlic Noodles – Roasted Garlic Crab Sold Separately. The most exotic thing here would be the oyster sauce, which is sort of a very savory, slightly sweet, thick, soy sauce-like condiment. thinly sliced green onion to garnish. red chili flakes to taste.