Easiest Recipe: Perfect Quick Egg Rice

Quick Egg Rice. This easy egg fried rice is a no-fuss weeknight meal that is better than takeout! This easy egg fried rice is something that I cook every other week. Cook the rice following pack instructions, then drain, spread it out to steam-dry and set aside.

You can certainly make it for brunch, lunch or dinner, or whatever occasions might Easy egg fried rice recipe. Quick delicious Chinese egg fried rice made with mixed veggies and scrambled eggs. This egg fried rice can be made in minutes if you have the cooked and cooled rice ready. You can have Quick Egg Rice using 6 simple ingredients and 5 simple steps. Here is how you achieve this tasty food.

Ingredients of Quick Egg Rice

  1. It’s 1 of egg (large).
  2. You need 100 g of shrimp prawn medium / / 3½ oz ..
  3. You need 25 g of bacon lean (chopped into small pieces) / 1 oz ..
  4. You need 62.5 g of rice (boil in the bag works well!) / 2¼ oz ..
  5. You need 35 g of scallions spring onions / (chopped) / 1½ oz ..
  6. Prepare 50 g of peas (frozen) / 2 oz ..

Egg Fried Rice is also a vegetarian dish and quick and easy to make at home! My egg fried rice recipe uses egg that's slightly flavored with turmeric and paprika, which I think is a unique addition.. Simple And Quick Egg Rice Recipe. This Egg Rice recipe is a healthy, yummy dish, perfect for rainy days when little tummies need something hearty!

Quick Egg Rice instructions

  1. Put the rice in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes, add the peas for the last 3 minutes..
  2. Put a deep fry pan (or wok) on high heat after spraying with Spray2Cook. Stir and cook the shrimp, bacon and green onion for 3 minutes..
  3. Create a space in the middle of the pan and spray with Spray2Cook. Crack the egg in the space, as the white begins to set break the yolk and mix the white and yolk together then stir these into the other ingredients in the pan..
  4. At this point the rice needs to have finished its cooking time. Add the rice and peas to the pan and spray with Spray2Cook..
  5. Stir-fry for a further 1 minutes before serving..

Egg Rice – Quick and Easy Lunch Recipe. When steak and eggs join forces, the result is a deeply satisfying meal for any time of day. Here, we're serving up our seared steaks and fried eggs Korean-style, with a side of quick kimchi fried rice. Quick Egg Fried Rice. by MyFitnessPal's Featured Recipes. If using microwaveable rice, place the rice into a large mug and cover with cling film.