Easy Recipe: Yummy To Die For Crawfish Pasta

To Die For Crawfish Pasta.

This Yummy To Die For Crawfish Pasta using 7 easy ingredients and 8 easy steps. Learn how to cook yummy food.

Ingredients of To Die For Crawfish Pasta

  1. It’s of butter.
  2. Prepare of green onions.
  3. It’s of cream cheese.
  4. Prepare of pepper jack cheese.
  5. Prepare of milk.
  6. Prepare of pasta of choice.
  7. It’s of thawed crawfish.

To Die For Crawfish Pasta step by step

  1. Saute butter and chopped green onions until fragrant..
  2. Add crawfish and cook about 5 minutes.
  3. Add cream cheese. (You may want to put it in the microwave for 10 seconds or less to soften first ).
  4. Add milk until desired serving amount reached. (I don't really measure the milk bcuz some people like pasta thicker than others. But just know the sauce will thicken some. ).
  5. Melt in pepper Jack cheese. I used sliced cheese and used 10 slices. But shredded works well also. I just liked the brand my store had in sliced cheese..
  6. In a separate pot boil your pasta according to box directions..
  7. You can add in a cap full of liquid crab and shrimp boil for an extra kick (:.