Easiest Recipe: Delicious Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice.

This Delicious Coconut Rice using 9 easy ingredients and 4 easy steps. This is guide how cook delicious meal.

Ingredients of Coconut Rice

  1. You need of rice.
  2. It’s of small size of fresh tomatoes.
  3. It’s of small size of fresh pepper.
  4. Prepare of medium size of onion bulb.
  5. Prepare of teacups of coconut milk.
  6. It’s of maggi cubes.
  7. You need of salt.
  8. It’s of boiled eggs.
  9. It’s of cooking spoons of crayfish.

Coconut Rice instructions

  1. Wash and parboil your rice,strain and keep aside..
  2. You blend your tomatoes, pepper and onions together..
  3. You get your cooking pot on fire pour your blended ingredients into the pot, add the coconut milk into it, add your maggi, crayfish and other available ingredients you will want to add, cover and allow to boil for 5 minutes then you add the parboiled rice into it you use your cooking stick to stir, then cover and allow to boil for 5 minutes then reduce the heat and allow to simmer till the liquid is dried up. Ready to be served..
  4. You can garnish with carrot, green pepper or peas, and meat of your choice. I only used available ingredients. Enjoy..