Easy Recipe: Appetizing Ofada Sauce with Assorted meat

Ofada Sauce with Assorted meat.

You can cook Ofada Sauce with Assorted meat using 12 simple ingredients and 14 simple steps. Learn how to cook yummy food.

Ingredients of Ofada Sauce with Assorted meat

  1. It’s of large green bell peppers(tatashe).
  2. It’s of large red onion.
  3. It’s of Unripe Scotch Bonnet peppers(Ata rodo).
  4. Prepare of Green Chilli peppers(shombo).
  5. You need of green unripe tomatoes- optional.
  6. You need of – boiled assorted meats.
  7. You need of boiled eggs – optional.
  8. Prepare of – fermented locust beans (Iru or dawadawa).
  9. You need of – palm oil.
  10. Prepare of seasoning cubes (anyone you prefer).
  11. Prepare of Ground crayfish.
  12. It’s of Salt.

Ofada Sauce with Assorted meat step by step

  1. Wash all peppers & tomatoes and prepare for blending.
  2. In your blender cup, combine all the peppers, tomatoes and one onion. blend coarsely with very little water..
  3. Set a pot with a tight fitting lid on fire, add in the palm oil and bleach the oil for 5-7 minutes. Just until the oil changes to a lighter color.
  4. It will definitely get smoky, so leave the pot covered throughout the bleaching process. (you'll have to open up the kitchen doors and windows to make room for air. Open the pot and leave outside until all the smoke is gone).
  5. Wash and chop up the remaining onions. Also remember to wash, season and cook the meat, then set aside.
  6. Return the oil back to high heat, add in the chopped onions and allow fry for 1 minute.
  7. Boil the eggs for 5minutes and set aside.
  8. Add in the iru(fermented locust beans) or dawadawa and fry for another 1 minute.
  9. Now Add in the blended peppers and fry until the water dries up..
  10. Pour in the already boiled meats and stock and cook till the stock reduces and oil floats on top..
  11. Add the crayfish, salt and seasoning cubes. Stir to combine well. (don't forget to taste for salt)☝️.
  12. Decrease the heat to low/medium, cook the sauce until oil floats to the top..
  13. Add the eggs (remove from shell) and cook for 5 mins and your Ofada sauce is ready.
  14. Enjoy with Ofada rice (Local rice also called Abakiliki rice) or boiled yam, plantain or pasta.