Easy Recipe: Appetizing Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro

Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro. Are sweet potatoes good for you? Here's what you need to know about sweet potato nutrition, sweet potato health benefits, and more. What's the Difference Between a Sweet Potato and a Yam?

Summary Sweet potatoes contain fiber and antioxidants that promote the growth of good gut bacteria and contribute to a healthy gut. Efo Riro – The African Stewed Spinach also popularly known as Efo riro is a one-pot stew with layers of flavor. It requires quite a number of ingredients but little work from the cook putting it all together (as long as you already have all your ingredients prepped). This Tasty Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro using 11 simple ingredients and 8 easy steps. Here is how you cook this tasty food.

Ingredients of Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro

  1. It’s of medium Sweet Potatoes.
  2. You need of Olive oil.
  3. It’s of Salt.
  4. You need of Efo.
  5. You need of Pepper(Atarugu).
  6. You need of Onion.
  7. You need of Boiled beef.
  8. It’s of medium dried fish.
  9. You need of Spices.
  10. It’s of cooking Palm Oil.
  11. You need of Crayfish.

The sweet potato or sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, Convolvulaceae. Are sweet potatoes the same as yams? Literally and botanically speaking, the two are not related. What is a sweet potato, then?

Sweet Potatoes and Eforiro instructions

  1. Peel and cut Potatoes. Put in a pot, add Water just to the level of the Potatoes..
  2. Add Olive oil and salt to the Potatoes and cook for 15mins. Set aside..
  3. Pound/blend pepper. Chop onions and cut vegetables(Efo). Set aside.
  4. Wash dried fish. Dice boiled beef..
  5. In a clean pot, put in palm oil and put on fire..
  6. As oil heats up, put in onions and pepper and fry a bit..
  7. Add in beef and dried fish to pepper on fire. Allow to cook for 3mins..
  8. Add in Spices and crayfish, stir well. Allow all to cook for 2mins then pour in Efo and stir for 3mins and put off heat..

Earlier this century, sweet potato promoters attached the word yam to the deep orange, moist-fleshed varieties of sweet potatoes and left the words sweet potato to the. Sweet potatoes vs. potatoes: A nutritional debate fueled by misinformation, baseless 'superfood' obsessions, and carbohydrate phobias. Here's how these tubers compare — and why both deserve a place in your diet. When it comes to choosing sweet potatoes vs. potatoes, it's mostly about your individual health needs and goals—and, of course, taste. Sweet potatoes are a great choice for diabetics or for those at risk of developing diabetes because of their low-to-medium glycemic index.