Easy Recipe: Yummy Plantain moi moi (Ukpo Ogede)

Plantain moi moi (Ukpo Ogede). Home >> Nigerian Plantain Recipes >> Plantain Moi Moi (Ukpo Ogede). Prepare the uma leaves for the Plantain Moi Moi using the method detailed at: How to prepare uma leaves for Moi Moi. Put the plantain flour in a bowl, add a small quantity of water and mix till you get a medium consistency.

Plantain moi moi (Ukpo Ogede) To make it less sweet and to thicken a little bit, Unripe. It is pretty easy to prepare and only calls for few ingredients. This plantain moi moi (ukpo ogede) is an ideal dish to provide. You can cook Plantain moi moi (Ukpo Ogede) using 8 easy ingredients and 3 simple steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Plantain moi moi (Ukpo Ogede)

  1. It’s of medium size of over ripe plantain.
  2. You need of unripe plantain flour.
  3. You need of cksp palm oil.
  4. You need of cksp ground crayfish.
  5. Prepare of deboned boiled fish.
  6. You need of medium size onions bulb.
  7. It’s of seasoning cubes.
  8. Prepare of Pepper and salt.

On the off chance that you are one of those that do, i'm certain after this post that'd be a relic of times gone by. Ukpo Ogede "Plantain moi" is a famous dish in the eastern piece of Nigeria. it's a sweet flavorful steamed dish made with over ready plantains. Corn Moi Moi Nri Oka Ekoki Nigerian Tamales. Nigerian Moi Moi With Beans Flour All Nigerian Recipes.

Plantain moi moi (Ukpo Ogede) step by step

  1. Place the unripe plantain flour into a bowl, add a little warm water and mix until you get a smooth paste, set aside..
  2. Peel and slice the over ripe plantain, blend with crayfish, onions and pepper into a smooth paste and pour into the bowl of unripe plantain flour mix thoroughly and add a little warm water to get a lighter but not watery consistency..
  3. Add palm oil, Maggi and salt, mix and scoop into your nylon or any containers you wish to use (nylon is not advisable) put your fish and tie, continue till you finished all. Cook for 45minutes and off gas..

Plantain Mosa Plantain Puffs All Nigerian Recipes. Plantain moi moi, traditionally known as Ukpo Ogede, is a Nigerian delicacy prepared with overripe plantains. One very unique thing about this food is that it is a delicacy that helps you avoid food spoilage and wastage. Rather than throw those over ripe plantains (as long as it is not rotten), you. Plantain moi moi is another plantain recipe popularly eaten in Nigeria.