Easy Recipe: Delicious Boiled yam and pepper sauce

Boiled yam and pepper sauce. Boiled, fried or roast yam with hot pepper sauce is a meal for pepper lovers. Boiled plantain, dodo. and boiled or baked irish potatoes can also be This pepper sauce can be served with any dish, what you do is scoop and just add the quantity you want. It is also my way of preserving fresh pepper for.

Cut into cubes, wash twice and boil with enough water. When yam is soft, pour water and transfer to plate. Serve yam with hot pepper sauce. You can have Boiled yam and pepper sauce using 8 simple ingredients and 5 easy steps. Learn how to cook this tasty food.

Ingredients of Boiled yam and pepper sauce

  1. Prepare of small tuber of yam.
  2. You need of palm oil.
  3. Prepare of bulb of onion.
  4. You need of smoked mackerel fish.
  5. You need of Fresh habanero pepper.
  6. Prepare of crayfish.
  7. Prepare of stock cube.
  8. You need of Salt.

Incredibly simple, but delicious and particularly beautiful on the plate. I believe it is important to have the parsley sauce in a jug on the table so the eaters can express themselves with their pouring.. Glazed Ham With Pineapple-raisin Sauce, Slow Cooker Ham With Apple Sauce, Glazed Ham With Pecan Crust. Port Wine, Citrus and Cracked Pepper Glazed Boneless HamPork. peppercorns, port, fully-cooked boneless ham, soy sauce.

Boiled yam and pepper sauce instructions

  1. Wash your yam then cut and put in a pot, add water to the level of the yam in the pot then add salt and cook till done..
  2. While the yam us cooking, roughly blend your pepper and onion, then set aside..
  3. Heat the palm oil for three minutes then add some the blended pepper and Onion then start to fry.
  4. Next add the smoked fish then season the sauce with salt and stock cube, fry till dry.
  5. Taste and adjust if necessary then bring down.

A boiled ham makes a sumptuous meal in itself, and for the thrifty cook it will also provide several delicious suppers through the week, says It makes a nice change from the usual Sunday roast. I had the classic ham and parsley sauce in mind, although decided to. A recipe prepared with boiled ham, rice, maple sauce, and varieties of herbs I am sure you will enjoy this Ham Rouladen In Piquant Maple Sauce with lemon wedges!. Nigerian Pepper Sauce is an incredibly versatile pepper sauce made with Sweet Bell Peppers. This sauce is so versatile, it can be paired with numerous dishes like Boiled rice, Boiled or fried Yam and Plantain, Potatoes, Pasta and even Bread.