Easiest Recipe: Perfect Boiled Yam with Garden Egg Sauce #teamabuja

Boiled Yam with Garden Egg Sauce #teamabuja. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. Hmmm, i just finish eating the delicious african dish with coco yam with my wife now it is really African garden egg is medicinal and rich Garden Egg Sauce may well be the best sauce for Boiled White Yam. It contains palm oil which boiled yam loves.

Some seasoning added to the eggs before stirring COOKING STEPS FOR MY TOMATO EGG SAUCE. I broke the eggs into a bowl. chopped the onion, tomatoes, and red pepper. grind ed the crayfish. mixed the eggs with some seasoning. FOOD AND RECIPES (@chefmide) в Instagram: «Boiled yam and garden egg (egg plant) sauce. You can cook Boiled Yam with Garden Egg Sauce #teamabuja using 4 easy ingredients and 3 easy steps. Follow these simple steps to achieve delicious meal.

Ingredients of Boiled Yam with Garden Egg Sauce #teamabuja

  1. It’s of Garden Eggs, fresh tomatoes and pepper, Onions, Catfish.
  2. It’s of Red oil, crayfish, cubes, Yam, Salt ginger, garlic.
  3. It’s of Garden Eggs, fresh tomatoes and pepper, Onions, Catfish.
  4. Prepare of Red oil, crayfish, cubes, Yam, Salt ginger, garlic.

When was the last time you had garden egg sauce?…» In Nigeria, garden eggs are usually at their best from August through October when they come to the market in droves and can be either enjoyed fresh alone or with groundnut or cooked into a sumptuous sauce, which is eaten with boiled yam or plantain. Other health benefits of garden eggs include Presented here is Boiled yam Garden egg stew tomatoes sauce Roasted Chicken and steamed cabbage. Garden egg stew is a typical Ghanian Garden egg stew (Ingredients) Raw garden eggs Pepper Onions Tomatoes Tuna fish Palm oil Ginger Garlic Salt to taste Preparations Chop up your. Garden egg stew is one of those eggplant sauce recipes I remember eating back at home in Nigeria with boiled yam or fried plantains on Saturday mornings when we were not eating moi moi or akara.

Boiled Yam with Garden Egg Sauce #teamabuja step by step

  1. 1. Clean the fish, season and grill. 2. Wash, blend and boil the fresh tomatoes and pepper till dry. 3. Peel, wash and boil the yam. Add salt. 4. Wash, dice and blend the garden eggs. Keep aside. 5. Set dry pot on fire. 6. Add red oil, onions and fry. 7. Add the boiled fresh tomatoes and pepper..
  2. 8.Shred the fish into pieces. 9. Add into the pot. 10. Add crayfish, ginger, garlic, cube and salt. 11. Add a little water. 12. Stir and taste for salt. 13. Allow to cook properly. 14. Add the garden eggs, stir and remove..
  3. 15. Check the yam if properly cooked and soft. 16. Serve with the sweet garden egg sauce.

Garden Egg Stew (also known as aubergine stew or Nigerian eggplant sauce) is one of those. Nigerian garden egg sauce is one of the favourite sauces in Nigerian households and tastes great with all This recipe of garden egg sauce calls for smoked fish, but the truth is that you can use nearly any protein you If you are using pre-boiled garden eggs, you should only cook them for a minute or two. Garden eggs (egg plant) are great not only for weight loss, but this vegetable fruit can be made into a sauce that leaves you wanting more. Garden egg stew can also be enjoyed with white rice, boiled yam, boiled potatoes, boiled plantains and even dodo. ALSO READ: How to make ice cream at home.