Salt and Sea

Salt & Sea is a family-owned purveyor of fresh fish fillets and shellfish, from the docks of Portland's working waterfront to you.

We provide Gulf of Maine seafood off a variety of local boats. Become a member and receive weekly deliveries of fresh fish and shellfish.

Salt & Sea works to honor the fishermen’s stewardship of the ocean and their efforts to preserve the resource for generations to come. We offer the most plentiful and healthy fish stocks, and strive to protect the watershed from pollutant runoff.

We look forward to providing you with fresh, local seafood.

Please note: Salt + Sea is on hold till Spring 2016, with the arrival of a new family member. Please check back with us then if you would like to become a member.

"Now fish is on our menu every Tuesday and we love it. Thanks for sharing your catch" - Bill

"I always buy fresh haddock, but I have never had such beautiful fish. You do a great job." - Dorothy

"A fish share was the best gift I've ever given" - Kathleen

"You really do supply the best fish anywhere." - Cynthia

"It makes me happy every time I think about what we’re going to pick up and enjoy next week!" - Sarah

"Dulse was delicious and the pollock was gorgeous. My partner and I couldn't be happier about our fish share. Thanks again!" - Trevor